Many of you are dismayed, disappointed and angry at America. How someone that is so openly racist, sexist and elitist could be elected president. What possible good could come of this? More importantly it felt like the world was taking a giant step backward.

I had information come to me this week that has changed my mind and I would like to share it with you. Please share it with your groups as well.

I practice a form of hypnosis known as QHHT. That is short for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and was pioneered by Dolores Cannon. Using modalities and techniques within this method I can get extensive information from an individual’s higher self as well as their guides and angels. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week I had sessions with two very intuitive women that are excellent at going into deep trance. I love working with these women because of the depth of information that we are able to receive.

I was getting research for my next book. The Quantum Children – A Parent’s Guide for the 21st Century. Volume one was just released. I am working on new material for Volume two. Karen has two girls and we used this method to take her to the Hall of Records on the other side of the veil. There we looked at why the girls chose her as their parent. What they were to do in this lifetime and how Karen could assist them on their journey. There was a lot more but I think you get the idea. Ann’s session was very similar in focus.

When we weren’t getting information directly from an individual’s Book of Life we were working with the SuperConscious. This level of consciousness knows everything about you and I and it is here that I asked a few questions about the election.

Question – What can you tell both Ann and I about the positive effects that will come from this election?
Answer – There is a …there is a dark force that …I see a dark power that Hilary is a part of and …it’s a hidden…it’s something hidden

Question – Is it the cabal or illuminati that you are seeing basically the shadow government?
Answer – Yes. And this a breaking away from that. This had to happen.

Question – And Trump is not part of this. How are we able insulate or transmute the negative side of Donald Trump. His bigotry, sexism, insecurities and virtually almost insanity…how do we work around those frailties in that level of an office (the presidency) or is he changed somehow?
Answer – It is already happening. He is already being changed. It has already been happening throughout this transition and these energies will fall on the wayside. This will fall away. These feelings, these emotions, this negativity is at its culmination and will start to fall away. This is not a problem. He is going to be used in a positive way. There is no need for worries. He is going to be used as a channel. These feelings are already being released.

Note –This kind of intervention is not normal. For this to occur there has to be a soul level agreement or contract in place.

Question – He mirrored the anger, the racism, the sexism that America still holds?
Answer – Yes

Question – Are people looking within themselves at this time? Or those that voted him in, do they truly understand any of this? He is reflecting not just the anger but the other aspects of them as well.
Answer – Some of both. All of this was a culmination …all of this noise, negativity, fighting that is culminated at this time and during this election…it is all happening in perfect timing. Although it isn’t seen yet. This is all supposed to be…this is all part of a plan and I see clarity and peace coming through it.

Question – Normally a person of the light would be chosen from this position. Is the problem that he would be seen as a Messiah versus the level of darkness he projects?
Answer – This is a question of strength …because of the negativity in the shadow…power is needed to break away (referring to the shadow government, the Cabal…whatever you want to call it).

It takes strength and not something that would normally be perceived as light and love but strong and powerful in itself and the negative aspects of him are already in the process of falling away. It is already is in the works. The releasing of this negative…fighting and negative emotions, and perceptions.

Question – Will there be a walk in to help him with this transition or will it simply be the angelics that will cause this transmutation?
Answer – There is a large group of light working from the other side already.
It is important to note that it is not up to one man or woman to create the change in our country that is needed. It is up to all of us. We have a lot to heal. This election has shown the level of racism, bigotry and intolerance that still exists in this country. When you work to heal that which exists within you, you are working to heal it within all of us.

The Cabal and the shadow government has always been our greatest enemy. The wars, manipulation of the economy, 9/11, Isis, the blocking of free energy, the control of the climate and global warming all fall on this group of elitists door step. Breaking out of their dark insidious grasp is most likely going to have quite a bit of chaos associated with it. I hope that you recognize the necessity for the many changes that will have to occur for us to break away.

Great blessings to all of you,

I hope this helps relieve some of the fear and anger around this election.

Michael Orwig

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