About Crystals & Michael Orwig

Your Personal & Planetary Healers

Michael Orwig, Aka the Crystal wizard, is a graduate of Duke University. He has degrees in Mathematics, Psychology, and Teaching. His careers have had him traveling the world for over three decades. He has a unique understanding of the assistance crystals can offer us, as well as, the ancient knowledge they represent. Mike has an uncanny gift of speaking directly to the soul energy of the crystal, making him one of the leading authorities on the matter.

~Reprint of the August 2005 Rainbow News article about Mike Orwig~

Michael Orwig
(The Crystal Man)

Energetically, Michael is an Earth Keeper, a Healer, a Teacher, and a Traveller. His consciousness currently resides in both the human grid and the crystalline grid.

Michael graduated cum laude from Duke University with degrees in Math, Psychology, and Teaching. Currently he is a senior Captain for a major
airline, an author, an international speaker, and the owner of Crystals are Forever in Denver, Colorado. Crystals are Forever¹s focus is to import the highest frequency crystals and to help place them for the greatest good.

Part of Michael¹s path is to connect and heal the Earth energy wherever his travels lead him. Mike carries energy from the Druids (Stonehenge),Dreamtime and Aboriginal energy (Mt. Uluru, Australia), Mayan (Chichen Itza,and Teotihuacan), Aztec (Machu Pichu, Peru), Atlantis (Caribbean), Pele,(Hawaiian islands), Tahiti, Brazil, Sedona Arizona, Llasa Tibet, Egypt,Japan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. His travels so far have taken him to over 40 countries around the world.

On the metaphysical side, Michael¹s connections with crystals and earth energy go back more years than most people could possibly imagine. He
carries a very special crystalline energy that only about 3000 people on the planet carry, as well as a fibre of the Earth Mother¹s grid which resides within his own. All of these give him a very profound connection to his crystal friends and the subtle energies of the Mother.

Michael works with the Ascended Masters to better understand and assimilate the energy of the Divine Feminine. These are the energies that started coming to this planet in conjunction with the Harmonic Concordance in November, 2003. There will be 16 flows of energy coming through the major portals over a 3-year time period. The reason this is so important is the simple fact that everything on the planet ­ every business, every relationship, everything ­ will have to resonate with these new energies.

Michael has travelled to, and profoundly connected with, four of the eight primary portals of the Earth. These portals are in Hawaii, Tibet, Australia, and Colorado. He hopes to connect with the portals in Scotland and St. Petersburg very soon. The last two in case you were wondering are in Africa, and Peru. There are numerous secondary and tertiary portals. Michael recently came back from Thailand after connecting and working with the healing vortexes there, after the tsunami.

When Michael speaks to groups such as those at the Mind/Body/Spirit Festivals, the codes and frequencies of the portals of the Earth are passed on to those attending. It is one of the most important things that he accomplishes with his travels.

His Book, Clear Crystal Visions ­ A story of Journey and Discovery, was recently released on 11 June, 2005 ­ a channelled book on the Earth¹s Nature temples, crystal consciousness, and the Earth¹s life force energy. It tells the charming tale of a 13-year-old boy named Bill whose adventures lead him to a Nature Temple which he connects very profoundly with. Information about Nature temples, crystals and the new chakra system that the body has developed are all contained within the story.

Crystal Basics & Frequently Asked Questions

Do crystals really carry healing energies?


Healing however is very complex. The human existence is not just the physical body. In some of the healing work that I do, I work with no less than 12 different energy fields for an individual, as well as all of their interconnections. The physical, mental, emotional and psychological bodies are merely 4 of these.

The key problem for most healers is finding the root cause. Normally, difficulties occur in our subtle planes of existence before they are manifested in the denser matter of the physical body. Doctors can do wonderful things with surgery and medication to help the physical body heal itself. But if the cause is in another body of the individual, such as the emotional body, I believe that problems will simply reoccur somewhere else.

Crystals are wonderful at providing balancing energies for all of our planes of existence. When we are balanced, disease does not exist. Crystals can also help to bring up issues that need to be addressed. Buried issues have long been known to cause long term emotional distress. Once an issue has been brought up and dealt with, it is amazing the positive effects that can take place.

Is the energy of my crystal diminished if there is a flaw or a chip?

In most instances the answer to this would be “no”. There are some instances such as in scrying where a flawless crystal is best.

Crystal Attunement

In most instances the answer to this would be “no”. There are some instances such as in scrying where a flawless crystal is best.

Cleaning Your Crystal

There are 3 different water solutions that I use to clean my crystals.

  1. Water & A Mild Nontoxic Soap
  2. Water & Vinegar
  3. Water & Sea Salt.

Some crystals such as Selenite are water soluble. Using water on Selenite will dissolve your crystal (bad idea). If you aren’t sure if you can use water, just email us and we can help you out.

Clearing The Energies In A Crystal

Clearing a crystal using sunlight, moonlight, sea salt, the ocean, burying the crystal in the earth, or smoke (white sage or sweetgrass).

As you can probably imagine by now, I like to tune into the method that is most beneficial for the crystal. Not only are you clearing energies from the crystal, but also in many ways you are recharging it. Don’t you think that a crystal that carries ocean energy would rather be cleared using sea salt or ocean water?

As a technique, I hold the crystal to my heart and speak to it directly as I would a friend. (If you prefer, use the 3rd person). I ask the crystal which method it would prefer. Listen for the first answer that comes to you.

You could also go through the list one by one. Focus on a feeling of “yes, no, or neutral.”

After you have determined the method that felt best to you, use the same techniques for coming up with a time. How long should you leave the crystal in the sun, moonlight, etc? Intent is very powerful. Make sure that you place the intent that the crystal will be cleared and recharged in the time period that you determined. Don’t just wish it – KNOW IT. Affirm it.

The crystal can be cleared by physical means or by visualization. As and example: let us say that I have chosen with a crystal to use a sacred mountain stream that I sometimes visit. I could make the dive to the mountains and place the crystal in the stream for a short period of time or I could call up a visualization of the stream flowing through every molecule of the crystal, cleansing every atom as it goes. In any visualization, activate everyone of your senses. Feel the chill of the water, smell the moss on the streambed, hear the birds in the t4rees and the gurgle of the water as it flows over the rocks.

How do I find or know that a crystal is good for me?

The answer is a simple one. You will just know. When we go in a pet store to buy a puppy, we like to say that we bought the dog. But who really chose whom? Obviously, the puppy chose you just as much as you chose the puppy. It is much like that with a crystal. The crystal will work with your intuitive side, and something will just catch your eye. When I find a crystal that is right for me, I can literally feel my arm tingle when I hold it. Everybody is different however, and so you will just need to find what feels right to you.

If you are still uncertain and would like some help, please email us at [email protected] and we will send you back some suggestions. Sometimes it is hard to make a selection when you have a lot of choices. This service is free of charge. Due to my travel schedule please be patient on the speed of my reply. I will do my best to answer all of my questions and emails absolutely as soon as possible.

In order for us to provide this service, we would need your full name on your birth certificate and your birthday. The birthday is just to separate your energy from someone who might have the same name.

Crystal Consciousness

All things have a spirit and a consciousness. Think of all of the frequencies and energies that occupy this dimension as a very long piano keyboard. Human senses may be able to work with in a band of say 4 to 6 keys.

Crystals simply operate at a different place on the keyboard. Expanding our awareness to feel energies outside of our normal parameters can be accomplished. People are becoming more sensitive everyday. Hopefully, as people become more aware, they will understand that all things are connected. We live in a sea of energy. Every person, plant, animal, rock, droplet of water, and air molecule is a part of this ocean. Nothing happens to one without having an effect on the whole.

Crystals have long been known as the purest form of energy transformed into third dimensional matter. There is an ancient knowledge here that is very, very special.