Season 2

S1 E1 The Shifts in Consciousness and Supporting the Quantum Children

           With Intuitive Aleta Sira Ras

S1 E1 Description

Aleta Sira Ras is a long-time friend of mine who is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She has been working as a psychic for more than 30 years. One of the interesting facts about Aleta and two of her daughters was that in ancient Greece they had lifetimes as one of the Oracles of Delphi. Her story and how she worked with her children is featured in one of the chapters of The Quantum Children Vol 2. Here are some of the topics we chatted about in this interview/ conversation.

  • Aleta has always been able to communicate with her main spirit guide Sam. She was able to see him physically for many years until one day he deliberately stepped in front of Aleta’s mother and she passed through him.
  • Growing up intuitive
  • Keeping her girls open and aware
  • Techniques for shielding an empathic child
  • Clearing her children’s field after school
  • The Shifts in consciousness
  • Working with her granddaughter

S1 E2 The Global Awakening…Part 1

With Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

S1 E2 Description

This conversation is with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD. Aurora is a healer, psychic mystic, PhD., kahuna, author, singer, and last but certainly not least…mother of four. She has worked for many, many years bringing out teachings from the ancient mystery schools.  Today we are talking about the shifts in consciousness and the global awakening.

We looked at the history of our timeline and our awakening. We looked at the inner work each of us needs to do to move more fully into our authentic selves.

Here is a clip where Aurora is speaking about the mass ascension…

What I heard in that remembrance is that we would be undergoing an ascension process. And what that meant is this mass Ascension would be occurring, not like many people think of it like Jesus ascended and went back to the heavens. It’s not like that because we are heaven born, we don’t need to really do much except for die here, to be back. There’s a lot of misconceptions about it. But the true Ascension as I’ve been witnessing it, and I’ve worked with souls all over the planet… that it’s an ascension out of the dark elements of the psyche, the belief systems and structures that kept people suffering and endless dramas, and into the gold of our true nature’s because that part of us is like a magic Genie, the spirit within and that part of us is what’s birthing the Golden Age.

S2 E3 Healing her son’s Autism holistically and Healing Self-Rejection

With Suzanne Renee

S2 E3 Description

Suzanne Renee is a wonderful intuitive healer, psychic and mother of three children. In this interview we talk about her path as a healer. She currently works as a massage therapist and uses her empathic talents to effect healing with her clients. She also has a son that became autistic after being given the mmr vaccine at 18 months. She has succeeded in healing a great deal of the damage holistically. She talks about her journey with him and what you might also employ for yourself if you have a similar experience.

S2 E4 Light Grids and Star children

With Richard Yiap

S2 E4 Description

In this interview Richard and I are discussing his work with the Earth’s Light Grids, our cosmic connections and the Star Children.

S2 E5 The New Indigo Children 

An interview with Kevin Moore

S2 E5 Description

In this interview with Kevin we talk about the new children, the shifts in consciousness and parenting from new paradigms.

S2 E6 Mentoring and Modeling the Divine Masculiine through the Martial Arts

With Chris Natzke

S2 E6 Description

In this interview with 8th degree black belt Chris Natzke we discuss mentoring and modeling the higher levels of consciousness through his teaching the martial arts. Chris also talks about how he has shifted his mindset on bullying. Recognizing what you focus on expands he has the kids he speaks with in the schools focus on the antithesis of bullying and that is kindness. He doesn’t want the individuals to react afraid or aggressive. He wants them to stand in their power. Which is a state of being not an action.

S2 E7 Understandings from A Course in Miracles and Play Therapy for Children

With Anna Kujawa

S2 E7 Description

Understandings from A Course in Miracles and Play Therapy for Children Anna Kujawa is a Healer and an Author. She works primarily as a Holistic Psychotherapist and is a licensed Play Therapy practitioner. She also has had a lifelong connection with A Course in Miracles as both a student and a teacher. In the first part of our conversation, we talked about A Course in Miracles. How it began and how it could help an individual today. In the second half we had fun talking about Play Therapy. Play Therapy originated back with Carl Jung and has been used to help heal all manners of issues. It has been used for trauma, abuse, ADD, and ADHD just to name a few. The language of young children is through play. Anna and I discuss this therapy’s popularity and how parents can learn how to set up play therapy scenarios within their own home.

S2 E8 Overcoming a lifetime of dyslexia

With Mark Seevers

S2 E8 Description

Mark has struggled with dyslexia all his life. It was never diagnosed until he was in college. He endured quite a bit of abuse from his teachers over the years. He constantly persevered and it took him a long time for him to find his niche as a surgical assistant. His talents and gifts were in areas of life where he could touch and feel things. He is a natural kinesthetic learner where the education system is oriented to visual and auditory learning. In my interview with Gisela Hoffman and Dave Smith, they talk about the protocols they have developed to help rewire the brain and cure dyslexia. These same protocols are excellent for autistic children as well. Through talent and perseverance Mark achieved a black belt in karate and was a two-time national champion. He has been working as a surgical assistant for twenty years.

S2 E9 The Awakening, Past Lives, Timelines and Imprints

With Mystic Dave Barnett

S2 E9 Description

Dave and I had a wonderful time with our conversation. We each have very similar backgrounds. Myself with technical degrees from Duke and a career as a long-time commercial pilot. Dave was an engineer and a rocket scientist with each of us having spent decades working on our intuitive gifts. We talked about so many topics… the awakening, working with energy, channeling, energy healing, religion, embracing change, and timelines. I’m sure Dave and I will enjoy doing some other interviews for you.

S2 E10 The Memory of Water

With Allyn Orwig

S2 E10 Description

Allyn has a PhD in Natural Medicine and has studied water for decades. Water is definitely one of Allyn’s passions. In this conversation we talk about the memory of water as well as different ways that water can be cleared and revitalized.

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