Aleta Sira Ras is a long-time friend of mine who is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She has been working as a psychic for more than 30 years. One of the interesting facts about Aleta and two of her daughters was that in ancient Greece they had lifetimes as one of the Oracles of Delphi. Her story and how she worked with her children is featured in one of the chapters of The Quantum Children Vol 2. Here are some of the topics we chatted about in this interview/ conversation.

  • Aleta has always been able to communicate with her main spirit guide Sam. She was able to see him physically for many years until one day he deliberately stepped in front of Aleta’s mother and she passed through him.
  • Growing up intuitive
  • Keeping her girls open and aware
  • Techniques for shielding an empathic child
  • Clearing her children’s field after school
  • The Shifts in consciousness
  • Working with her granddaughter