Monica Lewis is a brilliant historian and Sabian Astrologer who gives a comprehensive picture of the energies effecting us over leading into the very important Saturn / Pluto conjunction.

Pluto the planet of change and Saturn the planet that rules structure meets in a perfect conjunction in January of 2020. Monica and I discuss the energies of the eclipses in July of 2019 and their 6-month effect leading up to the big conjunction in January. This conjunction occurs only every 35 to 40 years and we take a look at its effect leading into World War 1.

Monica is excellent at explaining the global picture as well as taking it to an individual level. Virtually every structure on this planet is outdated by as many as 50 to 100 years and they are set up for enormous change. The only problem is that the powers controlling these structures are doing everything they possibly can to maintain status quo instead of adapting and changing for the good of everyone.

About twenty years ago Pluto crossed my ascendant multiple times over a 3-year time frame. During that time frame every area of my life went through enormous change. I was forced to revalue everything in my life. Where this conjunction occurs in your natal chart will have a similar effect on you personally.