This conversation is with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD. Aurora is a healer, psychic mystic, PhD., kahuna, author, singer, and last but certainly not least…mother of four. She has worked for many, many years bringing out teachings from the ancient mystery schools.  Today we are talking about the shifts in consciousness and the global awakening. This is a continuation of our part 1 interview.

We looked at the history of our timeline and our awakening. We looked at the inner work each of us needs to do to move more fully into our authentic selves.

Here is a clip where Aurora is speaking about the mass ascension…

What I heard in that remembrance is that we would be undergoing an ascension process. And what that meant is this mass Ascension would be occurring, not like many people think of it like Jesus ascended and went back to the heavens. It’s not like that because we are heaven born, we don’t need to really do much except for die here, to be back. There’s a lot of misconceptions about it. But the true Ascension as I’ve been witnessing it, and I’ve worked with souls all over the planet… that it’s an ascension out of the dark elements of the psyche, the belief systems and structures that kept people suffering and endless dramas, and into the gold of our true nature’s because that part of us is like a magic Genie, the spirit within and that part of us is what’s birthing the Golden Age.